In a nutshell, it let you debugging Lua in Chrome like JavaScript.


Using the Lua C module provide in Clouw Wu blog(Chinese only), implment a Debug VM, and use NodeJS implment a Chrome Debugging Protocol Server, then we can use Chrome built-in [DevtTools][devtoosl] as intractive frontend.

The idea is inspired by Facebook Stetho, it use DevTools to debug Android.


  • Remote debug model, Lua module, server, GUI frontend can run in difference system.
  • Data inspector, circular references, non-string key, inspect metatable and call stack.
  • Breakpoint debugging, pause on line, on funciton call/return, on probe name, support blacklist
  • Single step debugging, run code in step over, step into and step out.
  • View variable values in pausing state, include stack, local and upvalue
  • Pause on condition, watch expressions and debugger context REPL
  • Source interactive, file system tree, code hightlight, logging, and source location

This still is a experimental project, no warranty or support is provided, view TODO list


Mare work fine on below Lua environments, some of them should build with Lua 5.3 interpreter.

  • ejoy2d game engine framework
  • fcitx Linux Chinese input method framework
  • love2d game engine framework
  • nmap network scanner
  • torch machine learning framework
  • vim text editor